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Back in February of this year I was hospitalized for complete renal failure. The ensuing tests showed that, not only was it due to prostate cancer, but it had metastasized to my spine. I was in horrible shape. The doctors gave me 40 heavy doses of radiation in just 2 weeks. I lost 45 lbs. My immune system was devastated and my bones were brittle and very sore.

To build my system back up I started drinking alkaline water and seeing Jim at the BHC. Within a few short weeks of care I saw drastic improvement (I received a total of 10 weeks of care). The IV’s and supplements he gave me were pumped full of nutrition for my kidneys, liver, spleen, thyroid and adrenals. I believe the alkaline water I was drinking accelerated the effectiveness of his care as well.

The doctors said there was no hope for what I have and they just put me on pain medicine. Now my PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) numbers have gone from 1800 to 0.8 and I’m not even on any pain meds anymore! We’re working on getting my bones healthier and showing real improvement in my ALP (Alkaline Phosphatase) numbers as well. I feel remarkably well! I give much of the credit to natural health care! -Milton S., Cartersville, GA

Milton S.

Eighteen years ago I was involved in a work related accident. After surgery and rehab I was left disabled by pain and chronic fatigue. I existed on pain medications, steroids, anti-depressants and slept most of the time. No one tried to address the causes of my symptoms. They just kept medicating me. This is when I began to investigate natural medicine. I saw many natural health care practitioners (i.e. chiropractors, massage therapists, acupuncturists, and naturopaths). It was found that I had mercury toxicity but no matter how many chelation treatments I did (15, but whose counting!), or special diets I went on, I still had high levels of mercury in my system and I still had this unbearable pain. My life changed the day I walked into the clinic and was introduced to EDS technology. This technology addressed the whole person and started eliminating the causes for my health issues one by one instead of treating the symptoms. I’m now healthy, happy, and hugely grateful for the caring attention I have received. -Andrea H., Bremen, GA

Andrea H.

I was experiencing some pretty horrible digestive issues and went in to see Jim at the clinic. Without me saying a word his EDS testing picked up on the fact that I had an overabundance of toxins in my system that was actually showing up as pre-cancer. Turns out I had done something pretty stupid. Without gloves I had used concentrated weed killer on poison oak and ant killer for an ant infestation I was dealing with. I had to do a pretty intense detoxification regime, including chelation, and I’m glad to say that everything cleared up including my digestive issues. -Ray C., Warren, TX

Ray C.