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Standard Enzyme Company

Nutrition for the Body, Mind & Spirit

We live in an exciting era for Holistic Medicine; it is being integrated into standard medical care and people’s lifestyles at an astounding pace. This is because Holistic Medicine is effective and has proven that it works as the “bridge” to health and wellness.

We are proud to be leading the field in this exciting era as one of the world’s top distributors of professional-grade nutritional,  herbal, and homeopathic supplements.

“The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet, and cause and prevention of disease”

- Thomas A. Edison
Rainforest Blends

Learn about the unparalleled botanical makeup of the newest Rainforest Blends brought directly from the fertile, Amazon region. Many of the blends address challenges people are now facing like “Clear Mind,” which promotes healthy brain chemistry and helps improve mood, memory, and the immune system.

(Association of Natural Health)

Standard Enzyme Company is a proud member of the Association of Natural Health. AONH is dedicated to the public education and the professional development of natural healthcare around the world. Please learn more about this organization and upcoming events in your area.

Physicians HR

Physicians Health Report (PHR) provides an automated health survey for patients of any health professional or clinic who uses the PHR service. Supplement recommendations is effortless and of the highest quality. PHR also provides automated nutritional and herbal product recommendations based on the results of the Automated Health Report.