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Our Vision

To continue establishing Standard Enzyme Company as a globally recognized brand and leader in providing professional quality natural health care products and state-of-the-art natural health technologies.


At Standard Enzyme we’re committed to providing health care professionals, and their clients, with the most advanced products and technologies available.

About Standard Enzyme

Standard Enzyme Company was established more than 35 years ago by Naturopath James Hawver, and SEC has been setting the bar in the natural product marketplace ever since. We offer natural health care practitioners a well-rounded line of over 500 products.

SEC products hold to the highest purity standards in the industry and are produced under the most stringent criteria. For this reason, SEC products have become synonymous with dependability and excellence, and the SEC line has become the “go-to” line for an evergrowing number of health care professionals in the United States and abroad.

At Standard Enzyme Company, we are committed to providing health care professionals and their clients with the most advanced services and products available today. Why not try our products for your practice? We look forward to partnering with your practice to help your clients get well and stay well!

Dr. Jim Hawver

Naturopath, Founder

“You have the potential to be a really good healer.”

That is what my mentor, Dr. George Goodheart, the man considered to be the father of Applied Kinesiology, said to me in the 1960’s when we worked together in the natural health field. I didn’t know then how his work would change my life.

In the mid-1980’s, I kept meeting doctors who were testing patients with the early forms of electro-dermal screening (EDS) and helping them with more than just vitamins and minerals. I knew I needed to learn more about homeopathy to be more effective as well. In one bold move, I opened Standard Enzyme Company in 1987 and never looked back.

My background in Applied Kinesiology, with Dr. Goodheart, planted within me a desire to know the root cause of the problem and not just the symptoms. This new technology provided deeper insight into the origins of sickness and disease. Now, that’s a REAL cure.

I’ve often described health related symptoms as nails in a tire. The EDS technology we’ve created called Vital software. We also utilize an online questionnaire, which is called Physicians Health Report. Both models are designed to find the nail, see why it’s there, and how it can be removed.

It’s been an exciting career, and I’ll never retire, because it makes my heart glad to keep “fixing” one “tire” at a time as a result of good nutritional care and technology.

Sam Abukittah

President & CEO

Standard Enzyme Company CEO and President, Sam Abukittah, is a successful entrepreneur with a proven expertise in developing business opportunities around the globe.

In 2003 Abukittah became the General Manager of Bremen Health Clinic and Standard Enzyme Company, a worldwide producer of professional grade vitamin products. He also founded the humanitarian effort called the Association of Natural Health in 2008. AONH advocates natural health through community grass roots relationships and public education.

Dr. Melanie Sims Henning

Vice President

Dr. Melanie Sims Henning has over twenty years of sales, marketing, and leadership experience in health-science, wellness, and sports performance. Melanie has documented success and has received multiple awards.

Melanie possesses the ability to navigate large health systems, Fortune 500 companies, and complex organizations. Melanie builds and develops winning teams and sales channels.

Melanie attributes her success in business from her technical knowledge and clinical background in nutrition, sports psychology, cardiology, oncology, and infertility

Dr. Melanie Henning serves as a Board Member for the Association of Natural Health, VP of Standard Enzyme Company, and VP of EuroMed Global.