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FEATURING: James J Hawver
James Hawver is a Naturopath, trained at the First National University of Naturopathy in Chattanooga, Tennessee. He is also the Owner and President of Standard Enzyme Company and Bremen Health Clinic. His passion for natural health care education and research has also motivated Hawver to co-found the Association of Natural Health.

In his long career he has consistently been a natural health innovator, inventor and sought after educator. In this month’s cover article, he reminds EDS Screening Technicians what makes them so special and so unique.

In order to be effective with our patients, we have to have a clear vision, in our own minds, of what makes us different and special. You’ve probably had the same experience I’ve had with clients. They come in, see our technology in action, and say “Now I understand why I haven’t felt well all these years. This makes so much sense to me.” Why? Because it’s logical and people can sense they’ve stumbled onto something big.

Even though our services are not often paid by insurance companies, why are patients willing to go this route? The answer is: They can see a beginning and an end. They can clearly see what they need to do to establish wellness. This is what makes us different. We know what it takes to help people get truly well.

In order to help our clients to “get” what we’re doing, we have to become something of a teacher. If they don’t understand, or “get” what you’re doing, they probably won’t be 100% committed to it either. The good thing is, the opposite is also true. During your client’s next screening, share with them that their afternoon tiredness may have a lot to do with their adrenals, and explain why. Introduce the concept of the unhealthy pancreas and its relation to their blood sugar. Help them to see the connection between that and the reason they don’t feel so well. If we take the time to give them these pearls (and that’s what they are) of wisdom, they will be more apt to take responsibility for their own health.

It’s unlikely they’ve experienced anything like this in the mainstream medical community which does not want their patients to take responsibility for their own health. They say “No, that’s okay, I’ll handle that for you”…or “Try this pill and if it doesn’t work, come back, and we’ll try something else.” The truth is…the health system today is not designed to get people well. There is money to be made in never getting to the cause of a health problem. That’s what it boils down to. That’s where we’re at. There is more money in relieving symptoms, or in selling the proverbial “band-aid.”

This is where we are unique. We find the causes, and eliminate them, so our client’s symptoms disappear. To illustrate my point: if a tire has a slow leak, you don’t just fill it with more air and hope for the best. You pull the nail out of the tire, patch the hole thoroughly, and then fill the tire with air. Once clients are aware that such care is available and how good they can feel, they flock to us. Let’s face it, most just keep going and filling their tire with air because they don’t know they have a choice. We’re presenting them with a fresh solution. People are frustrated with being over drugged, cut, burnt and poisoned. They know, in their gut, there has to be a better solution.

We as EDS Technicians, can peek into the body and see where illness is starting-what its cause is. We have a chance to be a part of a profession that makes us grateful to be a part of it. We can sleep well at night knowing we’re helping people genuinely get better.

The Vital Software we are using is also exceptional. Did you know that many other kinds of similar software are simply designed to sell product? That doesn’t make them much different than the standard medical track (i.e. give them a pill). Some of these systems don’t actually have the capability of getting to the root causes of illness. Our technology is much more effective. We are addressing the whole person and seeing where their actual problems are originating. Most of you who have heard me speak have heard me mention the founder of applied Kinesiology, U.S. Chiropractor, Dr. George Goodheart. He was one of my biggest champions and mentors. He really helped me to appreciate the importance of finding the cause. He drilled it into me to check the organs and systems to see which ones were specifically affecting health issues. He would be so excited to see what we understand now-that there are toxins in the body that affect the organs which prevent them from getting well and sustaining wellness.

Doctor Goodhart wrote an article based on M.D. Louis Rubel’s research on the body’s need for hydrochloric acid. He linked that lack with many of the symptoms people experience such as gas, bloating, arthritis, and stiffness. They were onto something, but I couldn’t help thinking that there was more. My question to George was- “I understand that many people need more hydrochloric acid, especially when they age, but why? Why does their body stop producing enough?” His thought was that the problem just came with age.

My own investigation took me to the research of a certain doctor, Robert Greenberg, who had developed Biological Terrain Assessment technology. He said that when we are under stress there is a domino effect within the body. He filled in the blanks for me. From the work I was doing I could see that people did indeed “dump” minerals after trauma. He explained that so many people are low in potassium and that it causes a lack of hydrochloric acid production in the stomach. The chief and parietal cells, when under stress, don’t secrete the needed amount of hydrochloric acid. This in turn, doesn’t allow for proper absorption of food, which causes symptoms such as gas, bloating, etc.

Where does all this lead? It leads back to stress. Stress is the starting domino of illness. There is usually a divorce, bankruptcy, death in the family, or similar stressor that acts as a catalyst six months to a year before a diagnosis.

Knowing this simple concept allows you to make a difference. Be fully conscious of the fact that you are unique and valuable to every client that walks in the door…getting to the root causes of each and every one of their health concerns.

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