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SEC products reflect some of the highest purity standards in the industry; and are produced under the most stringent of criteria.
Standard Enzyme Company of North America, established well over a quarter century ago, is a worldwide leader in innovative, professional-grade vitamin, mineral, homeopathic, phenolic, and herbal supplements.

Setting the bar in the natural product marketplace SEC…

  • Offers natural health care practitioners a well rounded out line of over 450 products to choose from!
  • Provides products reflecting some of the highest purity standards in the industry;  and produced under the most stringent of criteria.
  • Has become synonymous with dependability and excellence.

For these, and many other reasons, Standard Enzyme has become the “go-to” line for an ever growing number of health care professionals in the United States and abroad.    Why not try our products and see the difference for yourself?

By way of introduction…our company was founded by Dr. James J. Hawver; a gifted Naturopath with a tremendous vision. He considers health care education to be a company priority.  In keeping with this mandate SEC regularly holds quality educational seminars taught by certified naturopathic doctors, registered nurses, as well as doctors from many different disciplines. Generally, SEC seminars discuss physiology, the latest natural health care technology, and the application of both to client care with vitamins, herbals, and homeopathics. Some seminars are open to the public while others are for health care professionals only.

Standard Enzyme Company’s stated mission is to open the eyes of the public to natural alternatives, and educate them on how to utilize them for optimum health.  Do you think maybe it’s time to start utilizing this resource for your practice?  Become a SEC wholesaler (a very uncomplicated process) and attend our seminars at your earliest convenience.  Contact us today!

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