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Just the “Shift” We Need

Featureding John Easterling
This month John Easterling, Rainforest Educator and SEC Quality Control Board Member is interviewed by Camille Carlson Gehrlich, SEC Director of Publicity about the new herbal HER and HIS Rainforest Blends.

Camille: We’re really excited to have your expertise on these new products that have been rolled out: The Rainforest Blend HER and HIS Formulas. Who better to educate us on them then our resident Rainforest Educator!

I’m going to start by asking you why these formulas were developed.

John: Well, primarily this product was developed to support and tonify sexual hormonal balance particularly in aging men and women.

One of the big focuses here is the endocrine system which produces hormones.

A balanced and healthy hormonal system will help you to:

  • Prevent sexual problems
  • Deal with sexual problems
  • Increase physical stamina
  • Increase arousal
  • Increase interest in sexual activity
  • Help to balance out menopausal and andropausal symptoms
  • Help to curb depression/mood swings

The hormonal system consists of the hypothalamus, thyroid, adrenals, pituitary, pineal, testes and ovaries which are the major producers or estrogen, progesterone and testosterone. If the ovaries and testes aren’t doing their job, the adrenals, or one of the other endocrine organs, are called on to manufacture the needed hormones. With maturation, parts of the endocrine system may not be doing the stellar job they were once doing so other parts of the system are designed to kick in and help.

In this day and age, one of the endocrine system organs, the adrenals, are getting hammered significantly due to the stressful lifestyle that seems to be the norm today.

Camille: So how do these products address the adrenals?

John: Let me start by telling you about licorice. It is the #1 ingredient in both of these products and, you guessed it…it supports the adrenals.

You’ll find many of the same ingredients in both products because both males and females have testosterone, estrogen and progesterone in common. We just carry them in different percentages. That’s why we’re going to see similar ingredients in the formulas but they will be presenting themselves in different orders of concentrations to support a male/female. Neither of these formulas provide hormones, they just support the hormone producing organs.

Camille: Great, so we’re supporting our adrenals with these products. We need that! What other benefits are we deriving from them?

John: Let me briefly tell you about the rest of the ingredients in these products. The benefits are amazing. Damiana, for example, is known by its botanical name “turnera aphrodisiaca.” It’s long been used in Mexico, and southern South American countries as an aphrodisiac especially in females.

One of the greatest things about damiana is that it has a high degree of volatile oils and terpenes. If you take the damiana leaf and crush it in your hand and smell it, it is so pungent with kind of a minty spiciness about it. As an alcohol extract, this really helps with circulation which is one of the major issues with men and women and sexual function. To put it simply, we want to have circulation where we need it.

Another benefit is mood. In Germany, it’s interesting that they used damiana to reduce excess mental activity and support nervous system function. This translates into supporting female desire and interest in sexual activity.

Incidentally, the studies also showed how effective it is for menstrual irregularities, depression, weight gain and many of the other things that come up as we age.

Muira puama which is the primary ingredient in HIS Formula and the 3rd ingredient in HER Formula is also a great source for these circulatory benefits due to its oil and terpene makeup. It is a hard wood stem and when you break it you will experience a great rush of oil terpenes. This is potent wood. No pun intended. Jacques Waynberg, at the French institute of Sex, found that men with erectile dysfunction who used the muira puama had better results (more interest and ability) than the men who used the most popular ED drug at that time.

Muira puama is also used for men and women in Brazil to support the nervous system and is used as a botanical tonic to tonify the body and support the endocrine system. So, it generally supports our mood and our sexual function. Let’s face it, we need to maintain our interest in sex. It’s part of our identity.

In Brazil, one of the most famous combos for sexual function is a combination of muira puama and catuaba which both the HIS and HER Formulas contain. Referring to the afore mentioned study, researchers concluded that muira puama was very effective among 262 males who were experiencing erectile dysfunction or lack of desire. They were given 1 1/2 grams of muira puama daily and, in the final report, the researchers indicated libido
enhancement in 85% of the test group, an increase of frequency of intercourse by 100%, and improvement in the ability to maintain an erection in 90%. So, this is potent and effective stuff! I think it’s important to also note that this formula can be used long term without increasing blood pressure while still increasing micro-circulation.

Catuaba is the 3rd ingredient in HER Formula and the 4th in HIS Formula. Research has shown that catuaba is great for exhaustion, insomnia and fatigue. While studying this herb, researchers found that participants began to have more erotic dreams which is …well, nice. We know how important the mind is when it

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