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FEATURING: John Easterling
Rainforest Educator and SEC Quality Control Board Member, John Easterling, is interviewed by Camille Carlson Gehrlich, SEC’s Creative Liaison, about the newest Rainforest Blend.

Kidney stones affect about one in 11 Americans. Statistics show that 20% of men, and 10% of women, 60 years of age or older have had a history of kidney stones. The majority of us have had someone close to us go through the extremely painful experience of having them.

A new Rainforest Herb Formula, StoneBreaker, has just been released that will be a game changer for anyone dealing with this issue.

Enjoy my interview with Rainforest Educator, John Easterling, about this powerful little powerhouse.

Camille: StoneBreaker. The name is pretty descriptive in itself. I think we can imagine what this little powerhouse is designed to do. Can you confirm our suspicions?

John: This product is mostly a botanical known as quebra-piedra in Brazil, and chanca-piedra in Peru. “Chanca” is an old Quechua word that means to “shatter” or “break.” “Piedra” is Spanish for “stone.” So, the meaning is clear-StoneBreaker. It’s long been used to break stone and shatter calculi.

Chanca-piedra is a signature plant. When you look at this medicinally strong plant it is surprisingly small, even frail looking. It stands maybe 15-18 inches. It has tiny little leaves on it. Right where the leaves attach to the stem there is a little ball or BB. The whole plant is full of them. Its appearance suggests its usage. The plant is, in effect, saying “Hey, if you have stones, come over and look at me! I can help!” The plant prevalently grows along the sandy river banks. It’s harvested easily and the whole plant is ground up.

The plant goes back to Incan times but I learned about it from Nicole Maxwell, author of the “The Witchdoctor’s Apprentice: Searching for Medicinal Plants in the Amazon.” Back in the 90’s she talked about getting chanca-piedra to a Doctor Wolfram Wiemann in Nuremberg, Germany. He treated over a hundred people for kidney stones with chancapiedra. He found it to be 94% successful in eliminating stones within a week or two. My experience with it is even stronger. In the 27 years I’ve been using and recommending, it I’ve NEVER seen it fail. My experience is seeing a 100% success rate. It’s pretty powerful and it works fast! Right away, it starts breaking down the little stag horn calculi points that form on the stones that are so painful.

This issue of the extreme pain associated with stones makes chanca-piedra that much more valuable because it has notable pain relieving properties built right in. A Brazilian study was done which proved chanca-piedra was 7 times more potent as a pain reliever than aspirin. It inhibits certain neurotransmitter processes that relay and receive pain signals in the brain. Which means, unlike aspirin and other pain relievers like it, it doesn’t harm the mucosal lining of the stomach and cause ulcers. There is a chemical in chancapiedra, geraniin, that reportedly has antiulcer properties.

So, it’s ability to A) act as a pain reliever and B) start breaking the stone down right away, couple to make this a very powerful product. You can see fast results with this.

Camille: How fast?

John: A day or two. Usually within 24-48 hours you’re going to get a lot of relief. If someone has kidney stones, they need to get a bottle of this and get it fast. The security guard at my condo in Florida was doubled over in pain when I drove up one day and I set him up with chanca-piedra and he sent me a text just a bit ago identifying himself before he entered to do some work, “I’m the guy you saved with the Kidney Stones!”

Camille: He’ll never forget you! Let me ask you, do you need to take a lymphatic drainer with this?

John: There are complementary herbs already in the formula to facilitate drainage (like those in KLS-ENVIRO), and provide extra kidney and liver support. So here is my recommendation: If you have kidney stones go ahead and do 8-10 droppers in a glass of water 3 times a day for 3 days, then, 3 full droppers, 2 times a day for 3 days, finishing up with 1 full dropper, 2 times a day.

Preventively, we should do one bottle at least once a year. We all have those little grains of sand and calculi in the kidneys and liver ducts. Calculi builds up in the liver ducts and allows for virus’ to colonize. Chanca-piedra has a very strong anti-viral affect. So, in addition to working great to eliminate these grains of calculi, it is working against any latent viral agents in your system.

In a study done in India, 22 out of 37 chronic hepatitis B patients they treated with chanca- piedra tested clear for hepatitis B. The antigen didn’t even show up. This didn’t surprise me because I had personal experience with this. I had hepatitis B and used chanca-piedra. My old company was taking out a very large life insurance policy on me and they were dubious about taking me on because of my having had hepatitis B. Of course, there is a greater risk of liver cancer and other things. I was 55 at the time. They did a day and a half worth of tests on me and they called with two questions. #1-“We see your birthdate here but we think you may have made a mistake. Are you really 55?” And I said “Yeah, I’m pretty sure of that!” #2-“Are you sure you were diagnosed with hepatitis B? We see no trace of it.” So, chanca-piedra had not only gotten me well, but it had erased the antigen in my blood work! Another great testimonial for the anti-viral properties in chanca-piedra has to do with HIV. A study was done in Japan in which they identified a specific chemical. Chanca-piedra has a reverse transcriptase inhibition effect, meaning that it interferes with the virus’ ability to replicate. A group in Japan found that there was a certain repandusinic acid A in the chancapiedra that inhibits HIV 1 in 90% of cases.

Camille: Wow! That’s incredible!

John: I know! Later in Germany they published a study using just the chancapIedra (not isolating chemicals within it) and it showed a 70-75% inhibition of the HIV 1 virus in vitro. Most of us have latent virus’ in our bodies, so this StoneBreaker is a powerful ally. And, as we have stablished, if kidney stones are the issue, StoneBreaker is the solution! This formula is a super star!

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