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From Kidney Transplant List to Clean Bill of Health

“A client came to me crying. He had just been to this doctor who told him he had put him on the kidney transplant list for both kidneys. He was now in his fifties and did not feel like he had a good chance at getting two kidneys at all.

When checking on the low function of his kidneys in his EDS screening it went right to “chemical,” and then to “creosote.” I asked what he did for a living and if he had been exposed to creosote. He said he put new switch boxes on the railroad tracks. Yes, on a hot day he could smell the fumes of creosote from the railroad ties. The screening suggested one product, Cat’s Claw.

In two weeks he came back with a grin on his face. The doctor had given him a clean bill of health on both kidneys! I asked if he told his doctor what he had done to get them healthy and he said he hadn’t. The doctor was absolutely mystified but he knew that he would not understand.

Then, he wanted more Cat’s Claw. I told him he didn’t need it and he said that after this scare he was going to take it for the rest of his life.”
-Linda Holt, EDS Technician, Tennessee

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